Fire System

Fire Suppression:
Fire can be effectively managed or extinguished through manual or automatic means. Manual methods encompass the use of fire extinguishers or Standpipe systems, while automatic systems involve fire sprinkler systems, gaseous clean agents, or firefighting foam systems. Automatic suppression systems are commonly deployed in high-risk areas such as large commercial kitchens.

Sprinkler Systems:
Fire sprinkler systems find application in various building types, including commercial and residential structures. Typically, these systems are positioned at ceiling level and connected to a reliable water source, often the municipal water supply. In operation, a standard sprinkler system is triggered when heat generated by a fire causes a glass component within the sprinkler head to fail, allowing water to discharge from that specific sprinkler head. It’s crucial to note that only the sprinkler head nearest to the fire activates, dispelling a common misconception perpetuated by action movie scenes. Sprinkler systems play a vital role in curbing the fire’s advancement, enhancing life safety, and minimizing structural damage.

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